Recipe – White Truffle Pasta

We want more people to realise that truffles can be used to bring a touch of elegance to just about any dishes, so here is a great, and simple recipe for White Truffle Pasta.

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Truffles in America

Learn how to use Truffles in your home cooking.

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Using Truffles In Your Cooking

TrufflesTruffles: one of the finest ingredients found in the world. The majority of foodies will no doubt know of this prized ingredient from upmarket restaurants and hotels, however what many people don’t appreciate is that it is a far more accessible and useable dish when cooking at home. With the help of we demystify the delicious truffle by looking at what it is, why it is set on a culinary pedestal and how you can use truffles within your home cooking.

What are truffles?

When you first mention truffles to someone, they are often a little confused about what they actually are, and they are bound to have a host of ‘truffle questions’ before they even think about rushing out and buying any. Truffles are a close family member to the familiar mushroom. However this form of fungus is notoriously difficult to find and infamously unique in taste; for these reasons truffles are expensive, with the most highly prized of them costing just under £2000 per pound for the prestigious Italian White Truffle.

What is it that makes Truffles so prized?

Truffles have gained their mythological like status within the cooking realm for the same reasons as they have for their seemingly exorbitant cost, with these being that they are widely regarded as one of the finest tasting food sources there is, as well as being extremely scarce with producers needing an incredible amount of expertise when growing them.

What do truffles taste like?

Truffles have a very distinctive, strong taste and aroma which is nigh on impossible to compare to flavours of other foods, even the most closely related to them. Many people describe them as being both earthy and oily and when used correctly it can be both subtle and powerful. This contradiction in tastes is yet another reason why truffles can be so easily mythologised.

Where can you buy truffles?

Buying truffles in their pure form can be undertaken most easily online. However you must be aware that due to their expense, there are fraudulent companies out there. Researching the company prior to purchase is an absolute must.

If you wish to purchase them in person then you should undertake a little research as to where your nearest local fine food dealer is.

Truffles in your cooking

Truffles come in many more forms than you may think, which is great news is for people who want to use truffles in the meals they already cook, but also want to try adding a little zing to some new dinner recipes.

For those looking to get started with truffles, a perfect solution is with truffle oil, butter, cream; or you may even want to try truffle products that are already worked into an ingredient, such as mouse, mayonnaise or mustard.

A great place to start with your home cooking then may be with pasta dishes that already have an oil or butter basis. You should be aware however that you should continually taste your food whilst adding the oil or butter to ensure you’re not overpowering the dish. You only need small amounts in order to reap the best results.

Following your conquering of the truffle, you may want to try other delicious ingredients to make your cooking more adventurous, perhaps duck eggs, exotic herbs & spices, or unusual shell fish; these too are all far easier to cook with than you ever imagined.

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